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My name is Jack Lindsay and I am a web developer as well as logo designer. In most cases, these two professions go hand in hand. Here at Simple Web I have a few protocols that I like to follow to ensure 100% customer satisfaction (you can check my freelance accounts, 100% satisfaction!). First off, nothing will be charged until you are completely satisfied with the work you receive, apart from a modest down payment usually equal to somewhere around 10% of the total cost (this price varies, but is primarily used for those who prefer a WordPress website which requires themes and plugins, as well as a purchasing a server assuming the client does not already have one). Besides that, you are under no obligation to pay me for any work you deem sub par.


I have a firm belief in Skype sessions during the initial planning process. This really helps get the project moving and going in the right direction, as well as builds a personal relationship between Client and Developer. A typical project goes something like this:

  • Initial proposal and skype call (quote)
  • 1 day or so and then you are presented with a few mock up ideas just to test the water and see the direction we want to go in
  • Client approves and is changed maximum 10% of total project cost, and the project begins
  • project skeletal frame is developed and client is asked to approve further work on the project
  • Aesthetics are added and client is again prompted to confirm further work on the project (this is the last stage, adding the final details)
  • final adjustments are made and final confirmation is requested before billing client.


This process alleviates any discrepancies during the design process, we build the website together ensuring there are no surprises and everything is exactly how you envisioned it.


Due to the simplicity of WordPress, once the site is completed, I also offer online classes after your website has been completed to teach your how to upload and manage your own website from that day onward (obviously any custom work would require some knowledge of CSS). Or you can opt to set up a long term contract where I manage your website info/uploads indefinitely. I leave that up to the client, everyone has their preference.